Mick Rankin is a lifelong resident of North Carolina. He graduated from Charles E. Jordan High School in Durham in 1975 and immediately entered the Navy. No matter where he was stationed he kept his North Carolina residency and stayed connected through family. Working his way through enlisted and officer ranks, he dedicated over 41 years to serving this great country.

In 2013 he and his wife, Jenny, purchased land in Wilson County and realized their dream of returning to North Carolina. Upon his retirement from the Navy in 2016 they moved to "Following Seas Ranch" full time where they grow hay, have horses, and breed miniature cattle. Mick’s time in the Navy has prepared him with the leadership and planning skills to effectively serve in the North Carolina House of Representatives.

His plan is to help the citizens of Wilson County realize growing opportunities in industry and job creation, technology advances in education and agriculture, and work to improve community services. He believes each citizen should be able to determine their own destiny and government is there to support each person in that endeavor. He is the candidate that listens to the community, makes his home district the top priority.


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