Limited Government – Government is supposed to support the people, not control the people. We need to reduce the size of government by eliminating redundancy and removing conflicting regulations, policies, and programs. We also need to re-establish the attitude of working for the people and root out the elitist behavior of politicians.

2nd Amendment – “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." The root cause of violence in society must be addressed. We cannot treat a symptom by removing access to firearms and expect the violence to end. Criminal charges often include possession of a firearm by an unauthorized person. Before adding new restrictions, we need to enforce the laws already on the books. The same goes for background checks, use what we have to its full capability before adding more rules.

Pro-Life – Abortion is killing an unborn child. We cannot accept abortion as a choice for birth control. It should be only as a last resort to save a life. Changing the legality cannot be viewed as the only answer to ending abortion. To change this behavior there must be a shift in society to regard the precious nature of all life, unborn and post-birth. Pro-Life is more than anti-abortion, it is recognizing God’s gift of life extends across the spectrum.

Healthcare – Everyone should have access to healthcare, and it should be affordable. The health coverage industry regulations should be removed to allow various types of coverage based on individual need and ability to pay. There should be incentives to cover pre-existing conditions. As experienced in other states expanding Medicaid only serves to overwhelm the healthcare system and does nothing to expand access in rural areas. We need to expand rural healthcare facilities by removing Certificate of Need (CON) laws and develop initiatives to draw providers to those areas. Also, the move to greater government-controlled health care insurance will cause health insurers to rely on government funding to remain solvent increasing the taxpayer burden. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners 2018 report the average health insurance company had a profit margin of only 3.3% .


Education –School choice is important to allow parents options for their children’s education and deciding education paths. There is no one size fits all answer to education and public schools are failing the children in the most vulnerable areas. We need to change the approach to education that fits the individual child. Also, teacher pay needs improvement to ensure we have the best teachers and they are properly compensated for their education and talent. We should have a combined strategy that gives flexibility to allow focus the area of greatest need and ability to shift focus when the need changes.

Lower taxes – By lowering taxes we show a commitment to the American people, provide for industry growth, improve job creation opportunities, and encourage consumer spending. Using tax incentives, we have created Economic Opportunity Zones to help bring jobs to distressed areas. Lowering taxes and using incentives creates a broader base of tax proceeds and increases the government overall revenue position.

Jobs/economic growth – Along with lower tax motivations we should ensure inbound businesses offer benefits and individual growth potential that help local communities grow in posterity. Partnering with community colleges and other technical/trade training resources those businesses will help build community confidence and safety. An added benefit to incoming businesses is the growth in other businesses that support the community needs. The increased economic impact also provides additional opportunities.  Developing economic growth can make local prosperity become a self-fulfilling prophecy

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